How to change your server hostname (WHM)

Change your Hostname

1 ) Log into WHM as root.

2 ) Click on 'Change Hostname' under the 'Networking Setup' section.

3 ) Enter the new hostname you wish to use in the 'New Hostname' text field.

This must be an FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) and should consist of a name part and a domain name. All valid hostnames should have 2 dots in them. An example of a proper hostname is:

where 'server' is the name part and '' is the domain name.

4 ) Click the Whm change.jpg button.

Add an A record entry for your hostname

If your server is handling the domain's DNS that is associated with your server's hostname, you will want to proceed with the following steps to add an A record for your hostname through your server's WHM.

If your server is not handling the DNS of the domain associated with your server's hostname, you will want to create the A record for your hostname at the server that's handling the domain's DNS.

1 ) Click the Whm addarecord.jpg button.

2 ) Ensure the IP address specified is correct. (Usually it's your server's main IP)

3 ) Click the Whm add entry.jpg button.

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