Late Payments

Automatic 10 day late payment allowance

Timely payment is expected, but there is an automatic 10 day grace period before hosting services are suspended for past due payment.

No hosting service is suspended before it is 10 days past due.

Automated Suspension

Once a hosting service is 10 days past due, the hosting service is automatically suspended and can only be unsuspended by paying the full past due amount. Suspended hosting services are automatically unsuspended -- in 15 minutes or less -- after paying the past due invoice.

Automated Unsuspension

If your hosting service is suspended for past due payment, pay the past due invoice and your hosting service will be active again in 15 minutes or less.

100% automation; No manual exceptions

Billing automation is a component of Acenet's strategy, and there is an automatic 10 day grace period to avoid manual billing processes. Because of this, Acenet cannot manually deviate from this billing automation. Hosting services must be suspended when they become 10 days past due, and, once suspended, can only be unsuspended by paying the full past due amount. These billing processes are fully automated, and this automation allows Acenet to best invest in what matters most -- the hosting service.

Please note: Domain renewals do not have a 10 day grace period. If the domain renewal is not paid on or before Midnight Eastern Time, the domain becomes expired.

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