Transferring your domain registration to Acenet




Domain registration transfers start at $9.97 per domain.

Things to know before initiating a Domain Registration Transfer

  • Registrars will not allow a domain name to be transferred away until that domain name has been registered for at least 60 days. You may want to contact your current registrar for details prior to requesting the domain transfer.
  • When the domain name transfer is complete, an additional year of registration is added to the domain name's registration period. However, due to a global registry restriction, domains that are transferred within the first 45 days of their renewal will not have the additional year added to their registration.
  • Once a domain transfer is initiated, neither the gaining nor the losing registrar will be able to make changes to the domain (such as changing the name servers the domain is pointing to) while the transfer is processing. The transfer process may take up to 2 weeks to be completed. So, please be sure your domain is pointing to the right server before initiating the transfer.

Once you have ensured the domain is pointed to the right server, please proceed with the following steps to transfer your domain registration to Acenet.

Preparing your Domain for Transfer

To ensure a smooth and successful domain registration transfer, there are a few conditions which must be met:

  • The domain name is not expired and will not expire within two weeks.
  • The domain is "Unlocked" at the current registrar.
  • Whois Privacy Service is deactivated, if the domain name has Whois Privacy Service setup.
  • You have access to the registrant email address.
  • The domain name is pointing to the correct server (Nameservers).
  • You have the EPP/authorization code.

Starting your Domain Registration Transfer

[1] Visit our website:

[2] Enter the domain name that you wish to transfer in the 'Start a Domain Search' text field found in the navigation bar and then click on the arrows Whmcs arrows.jpg next to the field to search.

[3] The status of the domain name should appear as 'Unavailable'. If it does, click on the 'Domain Transfer' link.

[4] Specify the domain name you're wanting to transfer in the field.

[5] Click on the Whmcs check availability.jpg button.

[6] The domain name's status should be marked as 'Available! Order Now'. If it does, click on the Whmcs add to cart.jpg button.

[7] Enter the domain name's EPP code into the 'EPP Code' field.

[8] Select any Addons that you would like (optional).

[9] Enter the Nameservers that you would like the domain name to point to.

Your domain's name servers will not be updated to what you specify here until after the transfer has completed (which may take up to 2 weeks). Please make sure your domain is pointed to the right server at its current registrar before initiating the domain registration transfer.

[10] Click on the Whmcs update cart.jpg button.

[11] Click on the Whmcs checkout.jpg button.

[12] If you're an existing Acenet client and would like the domain to be placed within your existing billing account, click on the 'Click here to login' link next to 'Already Registered?'. If you're not an already existing client, fill out your billing details (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Address, etc.).

[13] Select your 'Payment Method' and fill in the appropriate details.

[14] After reading our terms of service, check the 'I have read and agree to the Terms of Service' box.

[15] Click on the Whmcs complete order.jpg button.

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